Do Eye Masks Improve Sleep Quality?

Do Eye Masks Improve Sleep Quality?

Have problems with sleep?

Continuously exposed to the screen?

Your eyes can get tired from intense screen use causing double vision, headaches, and concentration difficulties. 

Sleep masks aren’t anything new or buzzworthy, but this simple solution can be just what you need to get your requisite shut-eye. They may help you maintain your natural sleep cycles and catch up on some very important beauty sleep.

How do Eye Masks work?

Eye masks or sleep masks work by blocking out artificial light. Exposure to artificial light suppresses melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, which can lead to sleeping issues or disorders such as insomnia. Depending on where you live, this artificial light can incorporate streetlamps, encompassing lights in the room (like light from a clock), and blue light from telephones and electronic gadgets. In this case, eye masks work well because of the added darkness they can provide.

Benefits of Eye Mask

  • Improves sleep quality

The primary reason that you need darkness for good sleep is actually evolutionary. Humans naturally slept while it was dark and were awake during the day. Our brains are hard-wired into associating darkness with sleep, and they produce more melatonin when they sense an absence of light. An eye mask replicates the benefits of a dark room and you’re more likely to sleep deeply and to sleep through the night. 

  • Cheaper than blackout curtains

The darker your room, the better your sleep. But most of us don’t live in caves, and so the only way to make your bedroom totally dark is with blackout curtains a costly proposition if you’ve got big windows. As an alternative, you can simulate darkness by using a sleep mask to keep away ambient light

  • Makes you relaxed

If you have been struggling at work, trying to manage 20 things at once, and are in a constant state of stress, this is your escape. You can try an eye mask that provides you relaxation and rejuvenation and refreshes your eyes.

  • Safer than medicines

Anyone who has had problems sleeping knows how essential it is to get proper sleep. Your entire day can get messed up if you are sleep-deprived and your eyes tired. Many indulge in sleep medicines so that they can give their brains and eyes the much-deserved break. Eye masks, filled with dried lavender flowers that give you relaxation can help you sleep better. 

  • Soothing Treatment

A long hard day at work spent in front of the computer can put a great deal of strain on the eyes. Even being out in the sun for long periods can affect the eyes and drain the energy from the body. Eye masks help to soothe tired eyes and relax them with a cooling effect. It helps to relax the mind and take away the tiring effects of a long day.

  • Relieves Eye Problems

Watching TV for too long, lack of protection from dust and pollution, infections in the eye, etc can cause the eyes to become red, irritated, and itchy. Wearing an eye mask helps to soothe the irritation and combat itchiness in and around the eye area.

  • Calms Agitated Nerves

After being in a tense or difficult situation, the nervous system of the body becomes very agitated. It may be an argument at work or at home, or a difficult meeting or the stress of an impending exam that can make one feel extremely frazzled and disturbed. Filled with dried lavender flowers - the eye masks work on the senses of the body and help to calm down the nervous system instantly putting the person at ease and in a state of deep relaxation.

Apart from using an eye mask, make sure you reduce using the screen time to the maximum. Also, make sure you take a break between work so that your eyes can get rested.

Kanyoga’s eye masks are great for a nice mid-day power nap or rejuvenating after a long day!