Healthy Holi Celebrations still exist?

Healthy Holi Celebrations still exist?

It's that time of the year again when we get together and celebrate the festival of colors with friends and family. It’s HOLI!!! This is the time to think about healthy, safe and sustainable practices for a happy and stress-free celebration with your near and dear ones. 

Though, Holi is the perfect excuse to roll around in heaps of color and look like a human rainbow. It is important to keep your-self safe and also enjoy to the fullest at this festival. Health must never be compromised for the sake of fun. 

During Holi, a lot of people indulge in activities that aren't really safe and healthy. This includes using chemicals in colors. These chemicals might penetrate the top layer of your skin and cause a breakout of acne and rashes. Also, there are people who purchase sweets which might be adulterated and lead to digestive problems.  


So let’s see how we can make Holi a fun-filled one without compromising on our health.


There is nothing that beats a good exercise in the changing season. Try out new workouts and Holi is after all not about sitting idle, you have to keep moving to meet and greet people, hosting them at home and of course, dancing and celebrating. To keep your stamina up, start your day with yoga stretches and workout.

Start Your Day with a Nutritious Breakfast

Start your day with a breakfast loaded with nutrition and cut clean off any carb or bad fat in it so that your body can make up for the whole day’s random eating once you are busy with the festivities. Morning hours spent on yourself can actually be the saviors for you in this season.


Detox Drinks

Apart from flushing your system with water intake, you must have detox drinks like green vegetable juices and green tea at least twice a day so that it will help strengthen your immune system, particularly, in this season. Stay away from alcohol and bhang because you need to be in your senses to take care of your health.


Use Herbal colors

Colors bought from the market may harm your skin and hair. Try and make natural colors from flowers like marigold and kitchen ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric or buy natural colors from the market.


Ask friends to go gentle on your face

People usually enjoy applying color on each other’s faces during Holi. However, this can be dangerous as it could irritate your eyes and mouth. So, request your friends and family to avoid your face area while playing Holi or if they do, then, ask them to do it gently and carefully. You can also close your eyes and lips every time someone applies color to your face.



After all the fun and food is said and done, relax and unwind. Do Yoga. Meditate. Jog. Whatever that will help you reflect on the festive experience, recall the good times and help you move on with your normal schedule with much gusto, do it.



All the festivities can actually wear you off so before joining work the next day of Holi, you must take a good night’s sleep and proper rest. Let your senses and body recover from an out-of-the-routine celebration activity and avoid over exerting yourself. Balance is the key to good health whether Holi or normal life!

If you were worried about overindulgence in fun and food during the Holi celebrations prior to reading this article, I hope your worries are now laid to rest. Remember, this is the season of hope and fresh starts; so let your hair down, get involved in the fun and frolic, treat yourself to good food, relax and have the time of your life. 

Wishing you a joyous and colorful weekend! Happy Holi!