KANJIVA Brings Happiness To You This Diwali!

KANJIVA Brings Happiness To You This Diwali!

During this Festive season, all of us tend to get busy with decorating homes and other engagements which seem unavoidable.  And, we tend to give a little rest to our body, mind and soul and not take care of our health or wellbeing properly.

Sometimes we gorge on sweets or foods which are unhealthy and are the most common thing we tend to do during this Diwali festival. We can also get into a deprivation of taking a good rest or a good sleep because of the enjoyments and parties with families and friends and also visitors at home. Mostly on Diwali day people often love to play with fire crackers and burn the lights or diyas at home and often it may not be soothing for the eyes and may also tend to harm them. 

To journey or accompany you to have a safe and blissful Diwali this season, we thought of launching some products under the title of “KANJIVA” which means full of life, happiness and enjoyment. May our KANJIVA products help you keep healthy and experience wellness during this season. 

Here is a list of our products that will help you to maintain good health and stay healthy during this festive season.  


  • Eye Mask

Eye Mask

Let this dried lavender flower filled eye mask work its magic on your tired eyes. It’s filled with dried lavender flowers and it is chemical-free for your safety.

The eye mask helps promote deep relaxation and aids in meditation. It gives you a perfect sleep blocking out the lights totally and giving you a restful and undisturbed sleep. 

Our eye masks are a perfect travel companion. They provide relaxation and rejuvenation while traveling.

Try Kanyoga Eye Mask filled with Dried Lavender Flower


  • Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are not only designed to soothe and relax tired eyes but the aromatic effect of magic bloom oils infused in the flaxseeds help calm and rest the mind.

The weight of the flaxseeds is thought to provide the perfect amount of pressure to help reduce puffiness. A slight refrigerated eye pillow cools the eyes further. Place the eye pillow in the refrigerator prior to use for better results.

The eye pillows are favourite of spa therapists, the eye pillows are also used in spa and massages to relax the eyes.

Try Kanyoga Eye Pillow filled with flaxseed scented with magic bloom oil


  • Buckwheat Hulls Pillow

Buckwheat hull pillows have been used for centuries in the far east and have therapeutic benefits as well such as relief from neck pain, muscle tension, headaches and snoring. It is resistant to pressure and does not trap much heat.

Our buckwheat hull pillows conform to the shape of your  body and position giving you a restful sleep at night. 

Try Kanyoga Buckwheat Hulls Filled Relaxing Pillow      


  • Buckwheat Hulls Bolster

Buckwheat Hulls Bolster are highly useful and practical. They support your body and help to rejuvenate your muscles. 

These bolsters are highly comfortable and ease up your pain. You can use them for providing body support and enhancing the blood circulation level.

The buckwheat hull bolster can be used for effective pain relief of the lower back region. It can be used in restorative yoga as it provides neck support in yoga postures. 

Try Kanyoga Buckwheat Hull Bolster


  • Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Both cooling neck wraps and heated neck wraps are therapeutic devices that either cool or warm the neck area in an attempt to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Our warming neck wraps are perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. They are filled with tourmaline beads and can be used in the microwave and refrigerator. Tourmaline beads are used as fillings as they are able to retain the heat for a longer period of time than other fillings. 

Perfect to soothe, relieve pain and to deknot the muscles. Also, it can be used for any part of the body. These can be used warm, cold or at room temperature. 

Try Kanyoga Hot & Cold Therapy Neck & Shoulder Wrap

This Diwali, join us as we celebrate this occasion more fruitfully and help you to do your tasks with more enthusiasm in less time so you can spend more of your valuable time with your family and friends!

KANYOGA Wishes You a Very Happy Diwali!