Top 4 basic yoga products you need during Yoga

Top 4 basic yoga products you need during Yoga

To practice yoga, an open environment is considered as a better option. When you first start doing yoga, it's very difficult to know what you really need to buy from the store.  Improper ways of doing yoga can bring negative effects to mind and body.

What's great about starting up a yoga practice is that you don't need too many items. A simple yoga mat will get you started right away. But as you continue your practice, you may find that a few more items could be helpful to you. We've listed a few yoga products below that you might like to add to your wish list. These items are great for the beginner and advanced yogi alike.

Yoga Mats

An essential for any yogi. With all of the exercises you'll be doing on the floor, a good mat will keep you comfortable and safe.

A standard yoga mat is often made of vinyl or PVC. But if you're looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat, find one that is made from organic cotton or recycled rubber. Something relatively new in the yoga mat category is the Cork Yoga Mat. You'll really love the versatility of this style of mat. The cork is treated in a way that it will prevent you from slipping (when you get a little too sweaty during your practice). But at the same time, sweat doesn't pool up on your mat, so you'll never need to stop in the middle of your practice to wipe away the moisture. 

Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Anti-Stress Comfort Wrap is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Cooling neck wrap that does not need water to activate its technology. It contains tourmaline beads  that, when frozen, deliver a cooling effect. This neck wrap is different from the regular towels as it works both as a hot and cold pack. This means you can comfort your aching muscles by microwaving the wrap and then using it. And you can enjoy its cold therapy by freezing it and using it as the neck towel. It soothes your muscles and regulates your body temperature that leaves you with a fresh feeling and calming effect while preventing muscle soreness from working in the heat.


Buckwheat hull bolsters  are great to provide help with alignment--and you can use them under your hips at the beginning of exercise or during meditation. They conform to the shape of your body. These have been used for centuries in the far east and have therapeutic benefits as well such as relief from neck pain, muscle tension and headaches. The buckwheat hull bolster can be used in restorative yoga as it provides neck support in yoga postures. 

Yoga Belt

Yoga Belts are another great tool for beginners which helps get you into positions when you're still developing your flexibility. Yoga belts are best used to make the arms longer. When you’re trying to reach your toes in a seated forward fold and it seems too far away, use a strap to lasso your feet to get some extra traction and stretch.

Don't Stress!

Take a deep breath and remember that a desire to learn is the most important thing you need to begin a yoga practice. The most important thing is to discover the connection between your body, mind and spirit.

That's our list of essential items for starting yoga.