Every season has its fans but spring is the most lovable season. After cold and dark winter months, you always long for a warm climate.

Spring is the season when days start to get longer, and nights shorter, it starts to feel warmer outside, and nature responds in a big way with a lot of blooms and birds everywhere.

Though spring is just a short spell in India, unlike other countries where this season is a larger affair, make the best of it. Spring in India is a gracefully magical season of natural splendor, aromatic flowers, and bewitching colors. Occurring from mid-February to late April, it is a sunny and romantic season that attracts tourists worldwide to explore the length and breadth of the blossoming subcontinent. Since the temperature is neither chilly nor hot, spring in India is a passionately pleasant time to visit destinations and admire nature in its best bloom. 

Here are the top 8 reasons why we love this season

1. Moderate Temperature Now 

Days start to get warmer outside and you love it as the weather is moderate neither too hot nor too cold. Spring means a change of fashion, ditching your heavy winter wear with light and comfortable wear. Spring is the perfect time to open up your windows and let the fresh air come, tidy up your house, and get rid of stuff you no longer need.


2. The Festive Side of Spring in India

During spring in India, cultural festivals are celebrated all over the diverse subcontinent. They are uniquely native in contrast to the rest of the world, so being a part of these sacred occasions is a great reason to visit the country in February and March. Holi, the festival of colors, is auspicious for Hindus who worship the God of love with pomp and ceremony. The Khajuraho Dance Festival in February showcases the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh. Party crowds gather in Goa to uphold the 18th century Portuguese tradition of Goa Carnival, marking the onset of spring.


3. Flowers are in bloom

Beautiful colors become apparent in many landscapes as flowers come out of hiding and start blooming! Almost every plant is growing and blossoming which is a sign that winter is receding and summers and warm temperatures are to come. Plants release a lot of oxygen and pull carbon-di-oxide. Because of this, the amount of carbon dioxide decreases in the atmosphere each spring.


4. Sunlight streams in through the windows.

Sunlight can create warm spots on the couch that are almost as enjoyable and as the chill of winter fades, you can enjoy fresh air by leaving windows open. Well, since spring is finally making an appearance, getting up in the morning is going to be so easy. Well, you may just spend the entire day happily, without that morning cup of coffee. 


5. Fruits and Vegetable Sprout

During Spring many of our most popular fruits and vegetables sprout and become ready for us to eat! Fresh green produce is always readily available as spring is the season of harvest and season for your local greens, peas, and other fresh produce.


6. Birds return from their winter migration

Whether you're stuck inside or enjoying some fresh air, the sound of birds singing and chirping can be heard in springtime, with the arrival of migrant birds coming home to the warmer climate. Turn off the alarm clock and open up the window, there’s no better wake up call. Listen to the birds sing their song and smile at what nature has to offer.


7. Jogging outside is possible again

Running on a treadmill is fine in the winter months, but breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery while exercising is a spring perk. Plus, it's still possible to do social distancing.


8. Family days out!

Theme parks, museums, parks, and the seaside, Spring is the perfect time to spend a weekend with the family, before the summer rush!

Spring is the season to feel fabulous and healthy. Spring into good health as you enjoy the spring season with festivities, fun, and frolic.

Kanyoga welcomes the Spring Season!